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Partnership agreement between Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok and Bumrungrad Hospital provides integrated wellness care

Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, the first luxury hotel in Bangkok to devise the concept of a luxury wellness destination, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Bumrungrad International Hospital that provides a direct relationship for its guests with Thailand’s leading international healthcare provider.

Bumrungrad has a vision and commitment to provide world-class holistic healthcare with innovations and to promote Thailand’s medical and wellness tourism as well as good health for the Thai people.

The agreement between the hotel and Bumrungrad brings the medical centre’s strengths in holistic medicine and preventive healthcare in designing a preventive medicine journey for their guests. A teleconsultation system has been installed in each room so the Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok guests can rest assured that they can reach Bumrungrad doctors for consultation via the system 24/7. In the event of an illness flaring up or a sudden relapse, Bumrungrad is able to swiftly transport the guest to the hospital in an ambulance.

Hotel guests can rest assured of the high level of care and services provided by the hotel and the hospital, which will significantly increase the confidence in safety for their health. There is also the convenience of engaging with a panel of qualified and experienced doctors at Bumrungrad International Hospital, which has an impressive history of 40 years of excellence in the medical arena and meeting international safety standards.

Dr Isorn Sookwanish, head of the Strategic Business Unit, Bumrungrad International Hospital said, “With the COVID-19 situation at present, people have become more aware of and are paying more attention to health matters. In the future, healthcare will feature in every part of business operations including cleanliness issues, safety standards, and various screening measures, and the hotel business is an area to focus on”.

Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok is designed with wellbeing in mind as reflected in the outstanding concept of a city wellness destination. The wellness facilities are designed and managed by Sindhorn Wellness by Resense, Asia’s boutique wellness centre in the heart of Bangkok. They provide comprehensive life-enhancing wellness journeys in 4,000 sq m of integrated wellness facilities spread over three floors, with spa and wellness treatment spaces including a hammam. The results-driven hydrothermal experiences are designed to improve circulation, promote heart health, detox the body and boost the immune system. Cooperation with Bumrungrad adds a new dimension, bringing in strengths in the field of medicine to complement each other while enhancing Thailand’s medical and health tourism.

Thaddaeus Weiss, executive assistant manager, Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok said, “The signing of this cooperation agreement is indeed taking the hotel’s wellness efforts to another level. It is to provide our guests with a unique experience in the field of medicine and health by Bumrungrad International Hospital, a well-regarded hospital of world-class standards. This should give even more meaning and value to the travel and leisure experience of both Thai and foreign guests, in line with the hotel’s concept of wellness.”

“To promote a higher level of fitness, available at the hotel’s Sindhorn Wellness by Resense are yoga and Pilates classes, a fitness studio, a 3D or Virtual Cycling studio, as well as 26 treatment rooms for guests to enjoy unique individualised fitness programmes with advanced methods of pampering and body therapy, and meticulous attention to detail. An emphasis is placed on a complete detox programme to offer protection and rejuvenating effects with close supervision by our specialists”, said Richard Grew, director of wellness, Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok.

As a medical joint effort, Bumrungrad International Hospital designed eight journey programmes for guests, with the DNA & Personalized Health Screening a top programme. As technology has now enabled us to prevent and predict future diseases, this programme will help identify diseases that particularly put us at risk or diseases that can befall us in the future. The screening can give us a heads-up, so we can start preventive measures early.

In addition to this screening programme, a preventive approach, Bumrungrad also offers the Vitality Programme to detect existing diseases. In design, it is a combination between a medical check-up and micronutrients and hormones testing together with genetic testing.  Unlike general health screening, this goes down to the gene level and is thus considered an exclusive health check-up programme especially for Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok guests. It is another world-class health experience. Guests can take part in a wellness programme with 2 days and 1 night stay at the hotel.

At present, genetic testing with saliva or blood samples can help identify potential genetic diseases.  This is most beneficial to the following three main groups:

  1. Those with a family history of cancer should get such genetic testing. At Bumrungrad, testing kits are available for 10 types of cancer including breast, uterine, prostate, lung, colon cancer, and gastric cancer. These can be detected by way of genetic testing.
  2. Those with a family history of heart diseases, another group of genetic diseases. Bumrungrad has screening programmes for heart problems including enlarged hearts, arrhythmias, and aneurysm. Those with unidentifiable causes of death in the family history are also in this group. They may have hidden genetic diseases yet unknown to them.
  3. Those in need to confirm safety in use of drugs since the testing can identify drug allergies and thus get rid of future risks. The elderly, in particular, should get this testing so doctors can provide accurate and suitable advice regarding personalised drug use to achieve even more effective treatment results.

Guests can choose a wellness programme before booking a package with the hotel. With the programme, guests can enjoy a number of valuable health care privileges. A pre-counselling appointment can help each guest get an individually tailored programme, designed and personalised by Bumrungrad. Otherwise, guests can take an à la carte approach, making their choice upon check-in.

The collaboration with the hotel will provide convenience for the guests as Bumrungrad offers on-site blood sample collection service at the hotel as well as a shuttle service in the event that guests wish to have additional medical examinations at the hospital.

In addition, guests can access a 24-hour consultation service, getting in touch with the hospital’s doctors through the teleconsultation system installed. The hotel has installed a ready-to-use tablet device in 274 guest rooms and suites. The teleconsultation will enable doctors to give preliminary diagnoses and treatment guidelines and health information to the guests in real time.

Dr Isorn Sookwanish concluded, “This collaboration is a new dimension of health trends, with Bumrungrad International Hospital jointly designing an exclusive preventive medicine journey to provide guests with a comprehensive range of medical advice, from consultation, initial health check, diagnoses, preventive care, and treatment required at any stage.  If and when a guest needs to be looked after closely, that can also be arranged via the hotel, or the hospital offers pick-up services and provides further care at the hospital.

“This new and innovative health approach should reduce the time to be spent in the hospital and instead experience the medical enhancement or recovery in a hotel purposely designed for comfort living where space is the next luxury while jointly promoting Thailand’s medical and wellness tourism.”