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SHR Ring Announces Grants for Research Projects in Metaverse, Digital Identity, and NFT

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SHR Ring (Thailand) announces the beginning of the application period for grants in practicable research in the areas of metaverse, digital identity, and NFTs. The company welcomes applications related to the topics of the use of digital identity within a metaverse environment, as well as the development and usage of NFT’s with a utility for events, access to venues, identity verification, or other applications that do not include NFT art.

The grants will be managed by ShareRing Lab — a new division within ShareRing that was established to support innovative research in the related areas. This initiative is part of ShareRing’s commitment to exploring new approaches to the issuance, storage, verification, and sharing of information and documents. Established in early 2018, the company has grown to become a global technology business with staff distributed in 11 countries and 5 regions around the globe. ShareRing’s origins were based in the sharing and rental economies and have evolved into a verifiable digital personal information ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology.

For this year the grants are only available for applicants in Thailand, however, in the near future, ShareRing plans to welcome applications from Australia, Hong Kong, and other ASEAN countries.

Researchers and academics are invited to apply both individually and in groups, young and early career researchers are especially welcomed. In total three research grants will be available in 2021, with a maximum amount of THB 150,000 each. The grants will cover research projects for the period of three months, after which a report should be submitted, but all literary rights and patents will remain with the grant recipient.

Completed applications should be received by 15 December 2021.

The application form is available at

Detailed instructions (pdf) are available at