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Lion’s Tale Bar & Restaurant opens doors in the heart of Trang City

Lion’s Tale Bar & Restaurant, the newest hangout spot in the heart of Trang city, has opened as a two-storey sensory playground with local and international cuisines along with wines and crafted cocktails. Visitors can indulge in the atmosphere of an English-style bar with Trang local flair and charm.

Under the imaginative vision of two Thai architects, Sasiwimol “Jaoh” Utaisup and Apichaya “Leng” Krongboonying, the old commercial building in Phet Rama Theatre has been transformed. The design inspiration is from the 19th century when England was considered as one of Trang’s principal trading partners.

The interior designers have used a bright palette with emerald green, brown and gold to represent the natural beauty of Trang, with its sea, rubber plantations and the simple way of life of local people.

Chef M, Chartchai Khunthong, who sources the ingredients from fishermen and farmers in the province, prepares the international and local Thai cuisine.

A local signature dish is Trang style pork stew, made from an old recipe that has been passed down through the generations. New creations include tom yum kung risotto, a combination of Italian risotto and the bold flavours of Thai herbs and spices, served with big fresh shrimps.

On top of the exceptional food menu, Lion’s Tale also offers a thoughtfully crafted beverage menu. The cocktails highlight local ingredients combined with modern mixology. Start the journey with a spirit-forward tipple like The Den’s, which is a mix of rosella, vermouth, and elderflower. Opt for a twist of the classic with Ounce and Ounces, which is inspired by the original White Lady and refreshed with a sweet and sour taste of green apples. Or Mid-Summer Bloom Night, a sparkling pink cocktail that is a mix of English gin-based blended with the fresh scent of sakura yuzu.

Lion’s Tale Bar & Restaurant is open for dinner every Tuesday to Sunday from 5:30 pm to midnight. Lunches are available from Saturday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.

For reservation and information, contact, email or call 093-579-3025.

Lion’s Tale Bar & Restaurant: 28/11 Huai Yot Road, Thap Thiang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Trang.