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Big Date Night??

 What are you going to WEAR??


First date?  You need to look really good… You’ve got to make a good impression.  You have to be smart,   look good, impress!

Choosing what to wear on a date can be difficult. Bring your story to us…we are the experts.  We will help you plan, construct and produce a mind blowing outfit, right for the occasion.

Your outfit has to be just right for the venue.  Where are you going to meet her?

  1. Formal look – You can’t go wrong with a suit and trousers in a matching neutral color….black, blue, gray, tan. This is the perfect look for any date. Suits are the most appropriate attire for any formal date. Ambassador & Smart Fashion always recommend having bespoke tailor-made suits when it comes to having the best fit. They will provide you the best style for your outfit and they give you advise on how to take good care of a hand-made outfit as well. In this regard wearing tailor-made clothes can make you appear as if you are showcasing yourself. It will enhance your confidence as you know it is a piece of clothing made especially for you! Remember “what you wear represents who you are.” Don’t forget to pair it with the right tie.  Come to us for advice.
  2. Smart Casual look – For you to achieve this kind of look for your dates you can wear a shirt and chinos, smart choice. If it’s somewhat cold, you can put on a sweater for a smart, casual touch. There are choices of fabrics to keep you warm, however  Ambassador & Smart Fashion recommends cotton, the universal fabric right? it can be thin or thick and it is not too bulky. Top off your look with a casual blazer which could be right in a check design. Wear a fancy belt and match with leather loafers. It is said that the casual look is the best chance to express a true sense of personal style. Do you agree with that?
  1. A relaxed or comfortable look – In this kind of look keep your outfit comfy and casual so you can focus on making a connection, and have a good conversation with your date. Maybe loose but stylish jeans. Also, find a comfortable fitted cardigan or sweater to give you a cool vibe. If you’re tucking in your shirt, be sure to wear a belt for a tied-together look. Sneakers or flat shoes are ideal for a casual look. However, you must make sure they look elegant to make your casual look perfect. You can always get a comfortable shirt that is casual…. tailor made too.
  1. Modern look – Modern look can be formal or casual. For example, if you are meeting up with your date for a cocktail party you can wear a suit… a modern suit. A modern fitted suit comes between a classic and slim fit. In short, this modern look can be formal, smart casual as well as comfortable.  You have to consider the place. The party for your date could have a dress code, so you’ll need to be prepared of what’s an appropriate dress for this. A modern suit does not have to be in the classic colors. In fact, you can always play around with fabrics that have patterns or even colors such as maroon, bottle green or royal blue.

Ambassador & Smart Fashion (Ambfa) has been providing these kind of outfits for more than 50 years with our professional & finest tailors who use only quality & imported fabrics that suit your taste.  With bespoke clothes you can be yourself…. wearing your own style and showing what you have. Ambfa Tailor can give you advise also when it comes to how to dress accordingly, with bespoke clothes.