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Mothers, This Is Your Chance to Tell Your Story to the World

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The “Unchained Mothering” art exhibition, created by artist and photographer Jessica de Vreeze, is an initiative that aims to highlight—through photography and other forms of art—women who decide to take care full-time of their children while putting their professional career on pause. To complete her voice and give Unchained Mothering the span it deserves, de Vreeze is inviting artists and women from all around the world to work together to recover gender equality.ball maker

Géraldine Guardia joined Jessica de Vreeze strong of her past and present knowledge in documentary and art production. “Working together on a series of interviews gives space to these women to express their choices. Throughout these videos, women share the reason for their choices and the reality of this life choice,” said Guardia. The duo is preparing a documentary recording behind the scenes of the exhibition’s launch, which will take place in Miami in December 2021.

Jessica de Vreeze wants to change the perspective that people have on working women and housewives. She wishes to give a voice to many women who are invisible before the eyes of others, while their actions have had a considerable impact on their families and society.

How You Can Participate

12 women have already been selected, and de Vreeze wants to give a chance to six more women and tell their stories. Therefore, the artist is organizing a casting that will take place on September 2021 through the website

As she emphasizes the importance of carrying the Unchained Mothering’s message beyond the physical exhibition’s premiere during Art Basel Miami 2021, she looks for anonymous women from four continents, namely Africa, America, Europe, and Asia.

“We will show why, beyond obvious reasons, women who decide to stay at home for their families for a limited (minimum three months) or indefinite period need to be appreciated, understood, and thus valued. The minimum age to participate in this casting is the legal age of majority in their country of residence,” she explained. “Art reveals the invisible to help current, and future generations choose their lives freely, as all options need to be valued. Only when all mothering choices are appreciated will women be free of their choices.”

The project seeks to continue promoting this choice, alongside education as an essential milestone in everyone’s life, and raise awareness of all genders, thus contributing to the evolution of recognition and constantly redefining the values of humanity in our societies. It also seeks to explain why women with education and a career would want to become stay-at-home moms. “Through art, they reveal their personal growth, well-being, struggles while strong of their choice and freedom in today’s society to inspire others,” stated the artist.

Jessica de Vreeze, Géraldine Guardia, Jennifer Weiser, Caroline Cullière, Bruce Byers, James Goldberg will be part of the team that will select the six women that will complete Unchained Mothering’s cast.