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Green Tea Body Infusion

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By Grace T. Kim

Green Tea is the undisputed famous health drink from Asia, known for its anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic effects thanks to its polyphenols. Did you know that you can receive these benefits through your skin in green tea-infused body oil and green tea powder facials?

Normally I review high-end spas, but this was a treat that I found in a mid-range day spa located at the Novotel on Siam Square, called Tammachart Spa. Their rates are reasonable and they focus on their friendly service, professional spa team and locally sourced organic spa products, which explains the name, Tammachart, because it means “Natural” in Thai.

This is an ideal place for someone who wishes a bit of simple pampering at a moderate price.  Since the location is right beside Siam BTS, it is also a great break after a long day of shopping in the area, especially if you want to take advantage of their unique Green Tea Body Treatment promotion from this June to July for THB 1,500/120 minutes (regular price THB 1800/120minutes).  They are also promoting their Green Tea Facial Treatment (60minutes) for the same price until July 2018.

The ambiance is simple, cozy and tucked in front of the outdoor pool. The team is very friendly and the space is clean and modest. Upon entering you are ushered to comfy chairs to have a welcome drink of bael fruit tea.  When you enter your treatment room, you’ll notice the portable steam unit that holds one seated person. It looks like a space pod with an opening at the top for your head. But before hopping into the steam machine, you’re given a light full body massage with essential oils.

The compact steam capsule was a fun experience that lasted for 10 minutes. I really liked how my head was cool and I was able to breathe during a steam bath, which usually isn’t the case. Next is the green tea body scrub with a rub that is made of green tea oil extract, natural body cream and ground almonds for a softer exfoliation.

The therapist giving me the green tea scrub was very attentive and I felt very relaxed and invigorated by the scrub at the same time. The room’s lemongrass aroma and the green tea body scrub smelled lovely together.

After showering off the almond grinds, the green tea body treatment finishes with a soothing lavender lotion body massage. The scent of this body lotion is subtle, sweet and slightly floral. By the time, I am finished being rubbed, steamed, scrubbed and pampered, my skin is smooth and glowing. I wish I had done the green tea facial too.

My thoughts on the green tea body treatment are that it delivers a little something special, which is the individual steam bath and the green tea infused body scrub. It smells divine and it promotes the body’s circulation. For THB 1,500, Tammachart Spa offers great value for the desired results that this body treatment delivers. My body felt invigorated and baby smooth.

What: Green tea facial and body treatment

When: During June and July 2018

Where: Tammachart Spa, Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square

How much: THB 1,500 for 60 minutes

More info:+66 2 209 8888,