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October 2012

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Former ‘Sin City” Pattaya sings a different tune and is geared for families and business travelers today. A LOT of people are ambivalent about Pattaya. Yet, this city on the Eastern Seaboard remains a favorite repeat destination of both local and

Suparat Chirathivat Uahwatanasakul Vice President Centara International Management, Centara Hotels and Resorts Meet the guy who has not only directed the introduction of the Centara Hospitality experience to well over 10 countries but also oversaw for the chain an annual gross revenue in

Michael Delargy, General Manager, Sheraton Pattaya Resort Michael Delargy, an Ireland national, leads and motivates a team of 200 associates to ensure that Sheraton Pattaya Resort remains the leading luxury world class resort in Pattaya where he is general manager (GM). As

Thailand hosts a wealth of regional boat festivals through the year, but few produce such memorable moments as this annual spectacle on the Nan River. September and October -- the Thai Buddhist Lent period -- is time for the “Long Boat-Racing

Every last Sunday of the month, we invite you to experience a seduction of the senses with the reintroduction of Sunset Sundays. Relax to the grooves of DJ Coran and Miss Jolanda and Miss Jolanda and enjoy exclusive cocktail offers, all

10 years ago a man made the ride from Siam to Siem, raising money to start a school. Today, that same man is riding again, with the aim to support more children. On Oct. 19-21, a charity event celebrating the 10th

How to maintain your comfort during travel and still look dressed for success throughout your trip. Maybe we all haven’t acquired as many frequent-flyer miles like George Clooney’s character in “Up In The Air.” However, business trips have become that more