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Plate Restaurant in Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit Highlights Nasi Kandar

Plate restaurant in Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit features Nasi Kandar as their Plate of the Day until February 2021. This offer is served at Tuxedo Espresso Bar daily.

Nasi Kandar is a popular northern Malaysian dish. Steaming hot rice, plain or mildly flavored, is plated and enjoyed with a variety of curries and vegetables. Visitors to Penang will never miss this iconic Nasi Kandar, it is a medley of flavours.

The magic happens when the different curries come together on your plate. The harmony is truly extraordinary. This Plate of the Day will be available for two months at THB 790++ for two. Presented in a pinto set, this experience is ideal for sharing. Set for one person also available at THB 450++.

Singapore ‘Rojak’, an assorted fruits & vegetable dish tossed with prawn paste sauce and ground peanuts will be the opening foray. Steamed basmati rice is then served with Okra Belachan and Prawn Crackers, Beef Rendang, Prawns Sambal and Curry Chicken.

Plate Restaurant

Lower Ground Floor, Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

For more information or to make reservations, please contact 02 090 7888 or email