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Tetra Pak launches Phase 5 of the Beverage Carton Recycling Project

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, announced the launch of Phase 5 of the Beverage Carton Recycling Project (BECARE). Scheduled to run until July 2021, this phase includes expansion of the target area and further involvement of the general public in collecting used beverage cartons for recycling.

An ambitious target of 1,100 tonnes of cartons is set to be achieved by empowering the participating outlets and engaging 70 new units of Department of Local Administration and food and beverage manufacturers.

The project is an example of the successful collaboration between the private and public sectors. Both sectors bring together manufacturers, recyclers, environmental promoters, communities, and local governments (municipalities and sub-district administrative organisations).

Initiated in 2016 by Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc Limited and Fiber Pattana Company Limited (the recycling company) and Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the BECARE project has become one of the most important initiatives in raising awareness about solutions to littering. This collaborative programme contributes to further propelling the agenda of circular economy and social responsibility.

Over the past four years, the BECARE project has organised various educational activities and roadshows in partnership with local governments and regional environment offices. Focusing on simple steps, like correct sorting and disposal of used beverage cartons, these activities have led to positive changes in consumer behaviour.

BECARE has also set up multiple carton drop-off points at partner locations in 13 provinces. This helped to build a sustainable carton recycling chain, which has already collected over 2,300 tonnes from more than 300 municipalities, communities, and other local organisations.

“The project attracted a lot of public attention after the launch of ‘BeCare Be Kind… Book for the Blind’ donation campaign in 2018,” said Patinya Silsupadol, sustainability director of Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited.  “Over 975 tonnes or 97,500,000 cartons were collected to produce over 1,000,000 sheets of braille paper which were donated to 13 Blind Schools in Thailand. The schools need more material for their educational kits, so the project agrees to increase the supply of braille paper to the blind students.”

“This is a very important initiative which draws attention to the needs of the blind community, and it offers an easy way of offering us a helping hand,” said Ms Phannupha Wongsa, a blind teacher at Thammik Wittaya, the School of Blind in Phetchaburi Province. “Our students deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone who supported the BECARE initiative and contributed to helping our cause.”