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Ms.Jigger opens with Italian food and narrative-led cocktails

Channelling the elegance of a well-heeled traveller with a soft spot for la sua preferita Italy, Ms.Jigger comes to life as a narrative-driven cocktail bar and restaurant. As the connoisseur of curiosities, the venue conjures up inventive cocktail flavours and dining experiences at Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok in Langsuan, the first property under IHG’s luxury boutique brand in South East Asia.

The rich, warm aromas of baking dough crusts, fresh oregano and melted cheese waft through the evening air, a precursor to the tantalising cicchetti that provide delicious accompaniment to Ms.Jigger’s artful drink selection. In the kitchen, Italian chef Danilo Aiassa combines the freshest local ingredients with traditional culinary techniques and influences from Piedmont in northwest Italy, where he was born and raised, to create tantalising fare bursting with authentic Italian flavours.

“The vision for Ms.Jigger is that of adventure, intrigue and prandial pleasure. From the Kimpton philosophy of sourcing locally to using the freshest of ingredients to make authentic Italian cichettis just right for sharing, the intimate setting of Ms.Jigger flows all the way down to the great food and story-driven cocktails,” said Chef Danilo.

In the bar, led by Thai-French head bartender Lorianne Spach, the bar crew are embodiments of Ms.Jigger’s cosmopolitan spirit. Together, they are responsible for creating and delivering exquisite cocktails that immerse drinkers in the stories held within their glasses. The bar’s premium artisanal ice programme, where the crew uses a Clinebell to create pure, diamond-clear ice that is harder and colder than regular ice, elevates the flavours and aesthetics of the cocktails.

The cocktail menu is styled after a vintage map describing the tale behind each captivating concoction. The Terra-Abruzzo paints a dreamy picture of a slow, barefoot wander through an ancestral Italian vineyard; its aromatic blend of Alpine gin, pine liqueur, green chartreuse, rosemary and raspberry oleo evoke memories of late summer days and sun-warmed skin.

Bespoke, single-batch and rare spirits collected from around the world line the bar’s back shelves which doubles up as the Spirits Library, while a floor-to-ceiling wine cooler brimming with organic, biodynamic and Italian wines takes centre stage under the gaze of the resident sommelier.

Ms.Jigger is open from 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch and from 5:30pm to midnight for dinner, Monday to Sunday (closed on Tuesdays). Reservations can be made at +66 (0)2 0569999 or email For more information, visit .