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Chia Tai serves safe and fresh agri-products at The Farm 2020

Chia Tai is bringing an array of products and produce from its three quality brands – Chia Tai Seeds, Chia Tai Home Garden and Chia Tai Farm – to shoppers at The Farm 2020 event, reiterating its position as Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company. The Farm 2020 is set to take place in 13 branches of Central Department Stores in Bangkok and other regional centres.

Chia Tai has joined with Central Pattana Public Company Limited to serve fresh and healthy products to shoppers while promoting Thailand’s agricultural products and produce to a wider market, creating food security and helping farmers to have financial security at the same time. Only the highest quality products and fresh produce guaranteed with international safety standards are selected to serve happiness to consumers.

At The Farm 2020, consumers can enjoy a variety of Chia Tai’s products, starting with quality seeds and planting materials, such as Little Garden and Microgreen planting kits from Chia Tai Home Garden, which will turn planting at home into an easy and fun activity for everyone.

Also on offer are organic salad vegetable seeds, CP Mor Din organic fertiliser, peat moss and Kratai fertiliser. The latter comes in the right size and design to make it easy to use without mess.

Visitors should not miss the chance to try fresh and delicious unique varieties, which Chia Tai has put all their expertise into developing, to achieve the taste and qualities that consumers look for. These include: Sonya Plus watermelons, one of Chia Tai’s best varieties; Hokkaido sweet corn Sweet Lava 720 whose sweetness and softness can be experienced immediately without having to boil it first; Mini Ball pumpkins, the small yet super-delicious pumpkin with firm pulp and exceptional taste; Rose Cherry and Golden Cherry tomatoes that provide juicy sweetness; and Chia Tai’s latest aromatic cucumber variety that has a distinct pandan-like fragrance and crispy flesh, making it stand out from other varieties (the produce available at the event at each location may vary depending on the season).

Also present at the event are many more safe and fresh fruits from Chia Tai Farm, packed with nutrients and flavour, which are produced to global quality standards, such as GAP, CODEX, GMP and HACCP. Last but not least, do not forget to try Chia Tai’s melon smoothies and melon ice cream to complete your shopping experience at The Farm 2020.

Those who are interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables can ask for samples of seeds and farming solutions from Chia Tai experts at the event. There will also be fun activities with souvenirs at the Chai Tai booth, while consumers can be assured that strict Covid-19 precautionary measures will be followed.

Experience quality agricultural products from Chia Tai, which will be featured at The Farm event at 13 branches of Central Department Store in Bangkok and other provinces. The first event will be at Promotion Area on the first floor of CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9 during 22 June – 5 July 2020.

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