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A New Twist on Wellness Resorts

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by Grace T. Kim

Thailand is a major hub for wellness tourism and it gets increasingly challenging to carve a competitive edge for hotels to attract wellness junkies with a penchant for the good life. MW Wellness Management, the new joint venture of MIDA Assets PCL and Singapore-based Wellity Pte. Ltd., succeeded in creating their own take on the wellness hospitality experience with their very first of many up-coming hotel resorts, Aksorn Rayong, the Wellity Collection, located just 2.5-hour drive away from central Bangkok.

In addition to the standard amenities of international hotels, at Aksorn Rayong, The Wellity Collection the focus is placed on holistic health when they brainstormed the conceptualization and designs. Wellity is a premier hospitality management brand that creates superior and innovative wellness projects for hotels and resorts. So it makes sense that Wellity partnered with MIDA, an established real estate development company, to create a unique wellness hospitality concept in an industry that seems to have done everything already.

So what sets Aksorn Rayong apart from their competitors?  The Wellness factor is amped up in a very big way and the emphasis on the holistic health experience is on the individual throughout his/her stay at the resort. This means that rather than having a temporary experience at a spa, the guest who stays at their wellness suite will get to absorb multi-sensory aspects of wellness throughout their stay from their suite to other areas of the resorts. Instead of having a cookie-cut health program, their wellness program is customized for your personal needs with service from their very own medical team.

Even guests who tag along and opt for a sizzling steak or just lounging by the pool, their time spent in the guest room will be optimized for better health. The thought-out details of the technology implemented in the wellness suites alone piques my interest.

To name a few examples, alkaline drinking water served in the guest suites and restaurants, mineral filtered showers, salt water pools, tailored ambient lighting for better sleep, air aroma diffusers, and rare anti-radiation protection in your suite and with specially selected bed linen that adds to the shielding. The added value of this stay is the education of all the latest and proven techniques to improve your health and lifestyle. It is recommended to get the wellness suite and sign up for the wellness program to get the complete holistic health experience.

Their strive to offer the latest in evidence-based health treatments will keep Aksorn Rayong’s menu of individualized holistic programs top-notch and worth checking out. When it opens in August 2018, you can be one of the first to witness this fully integrated wellness concept throughout the special wellness suites and the entire resort.

When: Opens in August 2018

Where: 215/1 Moo 2 T. Sarkpong, Klaeng, Rayong 21190

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