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Anytime Fitness Opened in K-Village

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Anytime Fitness, the world’s fastest-growing fitness center for 10 consecutive years, celebrated the opening of its fourth gym in Thailand on June 9, 2018, at Sukhumvit 26 in K-Village, Bangkok, Thailand.

Aside from its track record in growth around the world and in Thailand, Anytime Fitness will pursue plans to open at least one new gym in Antarctica – which would make it the first franchise in history with locations on all seven continents.

“Our mission is to ‘Improve the self-esteem of the world,’ said Chuck Runyon, the CEO and co-founder of Anytime Fitness. “It may sound like an audacious goal, but we’re very serious about it. We’ll soon have 4,000 gyms open in more than 30 countries and regions on all seven continents. Each of those gyms supports a small community of like-minded individuals who are determined to enjoy healthier, happier, and more active lifestyles.”

Getting Thailand to a Healthier Place

Equipped with the goal of getting the Thai population to a healthier place, the opening of Anytime Fitness K-Village marks the fourth gym of Anytime Fitness in just less than six months since it opened in November 2017.

“We are based in community areas within walking distance of where people live and work, and we reach out to people in a way that is non-intimidating, relatable, and personable,” said Maurice Levine, the master franchisee for Anytime Fitness in Asia. “We are poised to introduce high-quality health and fitness programs throughout the entire country.”

Anytime Fitness aims to be the partner of the Thai people in achieving their fitness goals by providing world-class quality equipment, surprisingly personable experience, and a familiar warm Thai hospitality at an affordable price.

Record-Setting Growth Rate

Founded in 2002, it took Anytime Fitness just 16 years to reach 4,000 gyms. Only one other company has reached 4,000 franchised units faster, and less than a fraction of a percent (0.005%) of all franchises have 4,000 units. Additionally, according to FRANData, Anytime Fitness is just one of 15 franchisors located in 30 or more countries.

The first Anytime Fitness in Thailand opened in Bangkok last year, with a view to expanding its Asian footprint. Since then, over 500 gyms have opened throughout the region, which is expected to double in number by 2020.

“Anytime Fitness has always focused on convenience, affordability, and a friendly, supportive atmosphere,” said Levine. “That will never change. But we’ve expanded our programming and benefits for members to ensure that we adopt to local cultures and communities and support broader initiatives by local and national governments to promote awareness and participation in fitness.”

Total revenues for Anytime Fitness, its parent company, Self Esteem Brands, and its master franchisees are expected to top THB 63 billion (USD 2 billion) in 2018.

“Our purpose, very simply, is to help people get to a healthier place,” said Dave Mortensen, the president and co-founder of Anytime Fitness. “To help as many people as possible, we’re constantly striving to provide our franchisees with the support, the tools, and the technology they need to best serve their members. We’ve been successful because we work hard, not merely to meet the ever-changing preferences of fitness consumers, but to anticipate them.”

Join in Barcelona, Workout in Bangkok

One of the benefits of an Anytime Fitness membership, and a contributor to the company’s rapid growth, is the franchise’s “Anywhere Access” policy: Join one Anytime Fitness gym and you can use any of the chain’s more than 4,000 gyms worldwide – at no additional cost. That gives members the option of exercising not only whenever they choose (Anytime Fitness gyms are open 24/7/365), but virtually wherever they like. And with gyms in all 50 states in the U.S. and more than 30 countries and regions, the “Anywhere Access” policy can be a real cost-saver – especially for frequent travelers.

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