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A Grand City Escape at the Grand Spa

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by Grace T. Kim

The Grand Spa, located at Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit Hotel, is a perfect solution if you are in need of a relaxing escape from work and the city without having to leave the city. Not only is the spa exquisite in ambiance and service, you’ll absolutely fall in love with their pool lounge area where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or a healthy breakfast before your spa treatment just steps away.

You have to see the beauty of the outdoor pool lounge and the rich interior of the spa for yourself. Before arriving at the spa, I took this opportunity to enjoy a glass of fresh juice under the lush trees surrounding the winding pool. It was a fantastic way to ease into my overdue body treatment.

The focal point of the pool area is a traditional Thai veranda made of teak and adorned with Thai floor cushions. There are regular table seating and deck chairs for your preference of lounging. The pool snakes around the surprisingly dense landscape with a hidden Jacuzzi at the back. Calm music is lightly playing in the background and it can be heard underwater thanks to their aquatic speaker system. The combination of Thai architecture and the tropical pool landscape makes you forget that you’re in the city and more like on a resort somewhere far away. Although the location of the hotel is conveniently right next to Asoke BTS station, you surprisingly won’t hear any noise from the road or trains. You can pretend that you’re not in the city for a day. Doesn’t that sound nice?

You have access to the pool if you enjoy a drink and/or food at Sala restaurant, but don’t forget that you also get complimentary access to the spa’s steam room and sauna before or after your treatment. It is highly recommended to enjoy the spa facilities to further relax the muscles before receiving a massage. You’re welcome to come in early and enjoy these areas, just make sure that you budget your time. My only problem was that I didn’t have enough time to experience everything… but there’s always a next time!

The Grand Spa and the hotel are 22 years old and the interiors are tastefully designed with original marble and precious wood. When you enter the Grand spa, you will notice their trademark interior of golden teak wood, authentic Thai antiques, and Thai silk paneling. The beauty of the space really adds to the luxurious experience.

You are immediately welcomed with a choice of iced or hot tea. They served me a glass of refreshing Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, which is traditionally used for relaxation and promoting healthy hair growth. Every detail is aligned with the theme of Thai heritage. The treatment that I had was called “Indigenous Realignment” for its focus on remedying “Office Syndrome” — muscle tension in the back, nec, and shoulders with mild to severe headaches all due to excessive computer use. Does this sound familiar? The spa uses their very own signature massage oil that is made from the herbs typically found in steamed Thai herbal compresses, which are known for promoting blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and detoxifying the body. Their unique massage oil is blended with additional essential oils and heated to perfection, which is a very nice touch when the spa therapist applies it on to your body.

The massage starts with a hot towel wrapped and pressed into your tired feet. The therapist then prepares your muscles with a brief Thai massage before the blissful oil massage begins. There were moments where I drifted to lala land, which is an exception because I only request strong or deep pressure. In the end, what makes a spa grand is the culmination of all your senses in bliss – from the aromas, music, lighting, textures, and therapy.

Grand Spa is clearly an exceptional choice for a well-deserved treat to yourself for your hard work. There is a wide spa menu for other equally relaxing and therapeutic body treatments, and an essential list of facial treatments with Phytomer products — a France-based skincare line primarily made of pearls, seaweed and lavender.

After finishing your spa treatment, you can spend more time in the complimentary spa facilities or you can enjoy one of seven different restaurants to have a bite to eat.

When you want to get away and recharge your batteries but don’t have a weekend to spare, go to Grand Spa because it’s the perfect escape for a day without leaving the city.

Where: The Grand Spa, Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit Hotel (BTS Asoke)

When: Daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. (last one-hour massage is scheduled at 10 p.m.)

How much: Indigenous Realignment THB 3,200 (60 min), THB 3,800 (90 min)

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