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An Organic Affair in Bangkok

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by Grace T. Kim

An Organic Affair in Bangkok

Rocket and Mariana Plum Salad with Rosella Reduction Dressing

In this concrete jungle, it is nice to get a break from the daily routine of the big city life by spending a day at a wellness event like the Asian Organic Gourmet Festival. In its 4th year, it moved the venue from its birthplace in Chiang Mai to the 137 Pillars Suites and Residences in Bangkok. This decision was intended to promote wellness and the organic gourmet food scene to a wider audience. After my experience at their first Bangkok edition, I’m looking forward to what they’ll serve in next year!


An Organic Affair in Bangkok

In the photo you see Roger Moore demonstrating the power of yin energy resisting the force of a group of people trying to push him back.


I attended one of three days of activities to witness what this event is all about. I was delighted to see that there was quality content and exceptional food that raises the bar in organic cuisine.

My day started with an interactive workshop by Roger Moore who designed the “Seven Pillars of Wellness” program that incorporates the mind, body, and emotions. Anyone who is interested in exploring this wellness system can find it at Nitra Spa & Wellness at the 137 Pillars Suites & Residences.

Being an advocate for eating healthy food, it is such a pleasure to taste organic food that has bold and complex flavors as demonstrated in a fun and informative cooking class by Chef Anchalee Ponrungsit.

This class was co-hosted with Judith Coulson-Geissmann who added nutritional commentary of the Thai medicinal ingredients. I finished this session with a greater appreciation for the abundance of healthy ingredients in Thailand.


An Organic Affair in Bangkok

Judith Coulman-Geissmann (left) and chef Anchalee Ponrungsit (right).

Chef Ponrongsit makes cooking the dishes look easy. She prepared her delicious dishes step-by-step from scratch and then gave us the pleasure to have our own serving of the dishes at the included lunch. This was a gourmet meal without the guilt because everything was made from healthy ingredients. There was a lot to digest in just one day, but not just the food… the educational content too.

To my surprise, the Organic Gourmet Festival was not just about food but also workshops by professionals ranging from nutrition, martial arts, healing arts and fitness.


An Organic Affair in Bangkok

Herik Olofsson conducting a breathing and awareness exercise in his class on balance and movement.

An Organic Affair in Bangkok

Balance and movement class









The overall content of the festival activities is valuable and the workshops were fun. This comprehensive approach to promote wellness reflects the “Seven Pillars of Wellness” program created by the organizers.

This was a great start of many future editions to look forward to. Make sure that you get your ticket for next year’s festival. If you want to receive information of next year’s program, email to get added to their email list.

Where: 137 Pillars Suites & Residences, take the BTS to Phrom Phong station and take a taxi to the venue on Sukhumvit Soi 39.

How much: 3,500THB per person for a day pass.