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Five Tips to Meet Your Future Other Half

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What are you consciously doing to meet your future other half?
ty-williams-466945I am surrounded on a daily basis by single souls looking for their other halves but, when I ask them this question, I very seldom get an enlightening answer.
They say, that if you want something you never had you need to do something you never did. I like this statement. It implies that maybe we should be looking at a “problem” from a different angle, and maybe even update the software within us in some way.
It is all about growth, and I am a firm believer that we all meet our soulmates when we are supposed to. But I also believe that by knowing ourselves well, loving who we are and fulfilling our mission on this Earth-school, we will be working towards this “meeting of kindred souls” earlier rather than later.
So back to the question…
Social integration is a must
Smile and connect. You just never know who is watching, who you are connecting to and, in the worst case, you have made the world better by spreading some warmth around.
Leave an impression
With a fruit vendor, the postman, the secretary at the town hall, the girl at the checkout. Be happy, love life and life will love you back. Energy circulates, it doesn’t stagnate.
Say yes
Get out of your comfort zone. At least twice per week. It makes you stronger and more courageous. Conquer your fear. It could be anything from going to a new restaurant and trying a food you assume you wouldn’t like. Same goes for fitness. Give ballet a go, or diving, or Muay Thai boxing. Any artistic talent?
Join a pottery class or a painting one. Maybe you think you don’t have a talent but, again, it’s all about the comfort zone. You will surely meet people you normally don’t for one thing… Cooking class anyone?
Make some room. Clear house, clear mind. Send a message to the Universe that you have room for the new. Think about it. It makes sense.
Let me know how it goes…
Love and light,