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Men here mostly like Asian women!

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Dear Soul Hacker,
I’m European, I moved to Thailand two years ago for work, and I’ve noticed that men here mostly like Asian women. The more I go out, the more single female expats as I see, as all of us seem to be facing the same “problem.” What do you think is the solution for this?
Fiona (33)
Dear Fiona,
I can feel your pain but as a frequent visitor to Thailand myself, I can tell you that there are men that are making the same remarks about the other sex too.
Let’s see where we can find them. Firstly, we shall take a tour through the virtual world.
  • is a global community created in 2004 and they are often organizing events all over the world. Members can organize one too so you might want to create a meet-up in your area. There are forums to exchange ideas and a real estate and job section. I find it extremely handy and have met some wonderful individuals on there, yes men too 😉
  • is a social network focused on the expat community. A lot of individuals on there are very active networkers as they understand the challenges one faces when moving abroad.
  • is also extremely active with meetups regarding anything from current affairs to Thai cooking classes.
  • has 4,500 members in Phuket for example and, although they are all female, let’s not forget that all of us have some single male friends, brothers, working colleague’s and so on… worth a try and always good to cover all angles.
  • I have noticed that sport is quite important for expats in Thailand, so why not hit the gym? Muay-Thai might attract a bigger ratio of males than females too…
  • Check with your embassy or consulate, or any others if necessary for events as they do try to offer some get together for citizens abroad.
  • Same goes for some hotels, they seem to cater to local expats by organizing some after work drinks on a regular basis.
  • Depending on what kind of soul you are, I would recommend finding some clubs to join. For instance, a book club if you like reading. Most international schools have them, organized by mums. I am sure they won’t mind an extra member. Photography, art, painting, dance.. check for example for info, but there are many other websites around.
I think that the trick is in getting out there. The more connections we make, the more possibilities we have of getting invited to events. It is really a Catch-22.
In the meantime though, always keep loving yourself, that is extremely attractive!
Light and love,
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