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by Grace T. Kim

After a busy week and an eventful weekend, my body craved a mental and physical escape from the city – and absolute relaxation. Fortunately, Bangkok has many hidden gems to unwind.

This time I went straight to Oasis Spa on Sukhumvit Soi 31 and ordered one of their signature treatments that was referred to as the “office syndrome” remedy, called “King Oasis” – a two-hour full body treatment including the famous steamed Thai herbal compress and a hot aromatic oil massage with a twist of Thai techniques. In other words: a great combination of pampering yourself while melting away muscle tension.

Oasis Spa King of Oasis Signature MassageThe King Oasis signature treatment is highly recommended for those who want to melt away tension in the upper back, neck/shoulders and lower back with lasting results, which are common amongst people who spend their days sitting at a desk. What makes this treatment so effective is the heat applied to the muscles throughout the two-hour long session and the medicinal ingredients in the Thai poultices. The spa therapist carefully kneads your knotted muscles with the aromatic herbal bundles steamed to perfection, and then further relaxes you with a hot oil massage.

True spas will go through lengths to optimize your spa experience, like the extra details that will make your treatment remarkable. One particular moment that stuck in my mind was when my spa therapist silently transitioned to my scalp massage from my body treatment by covering my eyes while massaging my face, and then waving orange essential oil in front of my nose. I can still remember the surprising burst of citrus notes that slowly brought me back to reality – what a great example of the level of thought that was put into creating this lovely treatment.

Despite having requested “strong” pressure for my massage, I must have dozed off a few times because I was so relaxed. My spa therapist was very attentive and spot-on with the acupressure points, which open energy blocks and regulate circulation in the body. I can happily say that long after the King Oasis signature treatment my muscles still feel relaxed – this is definitely a Bangkok establishment that holds true to its name.