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How to take responsibility for your life through Omroom’s Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, workshops, and private healing.

“Om” in Sanskrit is the primordial sound. Buddhists have used Om to chant mantras for thousands of years; the sound reverberates at 136.1 Hz and activates a vibrational frequency that stimulates your pineal and pituitary glands.

As the vibrations affect your body fluids and Qi (vital energy), they course through your meridians to affect your physical, mental, and energy bodies. This can be very therapeutic, healthy, and vitalizing.
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Western doctors can repair physical symptoms but have traditionally not considered the body and mind as a dynamic system where each part is related to the whole. As quantum theories have advanced, science has started to realize that there is more to health than what goes on in the physical body. Our biology is also affected by the tiniest changes in energies around us, and the mind and energy systems within the body itself have a profound affect on our physical health.

Science has also demonstrated that our true reality is a holographic reflection of our consciousness and our entire universe reacts to how we observe it. The conclusion, as mind-boggling and paradigm-changing as it may seem, is that all is one and everything is interconnected.

This is where such wonderful and unorthodox solutions as the sound of Om can have a positive effect. Energy is all we are, and when we alter this state through our intention to heal and apply energies to our problems, such as by using sounds, we can have a profound affect on health without drugs and without surgery, and we can avoid the painful healing crises that can occur with conventional medicine.

Helping people heal in unconventional ways is what we do at Omroom (8th Floor, Alma Link Building, 25 Soi Chidlom, Bangkok,,, and we do it effectively, without drugs, and with less trauma. We are a cozy little place for you to discover all this cutting-edge information, where you can form your own opinion, with a fair and rounded view of what is helpful to you and what is not.

We gather a community of practitioners and students who are interested to learn more and to empower themselves with daily exercises like Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, workshops, and private healing.

Our job is to help you transform your life and to take responsibility for your health and, by doing so, take control of your life.