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Chia Tai Farm menu delivers deliciousness right to your door

Fresh, safe agricultural produce from Chia Tai Farm is being transformed into an impressive yet affordable tasting experience by the winner of the US Food Network channel’s famous programme Chef Wanted, for delivery to your door.

Working under the concept of delicious and healthy meals for every day, Colin Stevens, the chef from Ash Kickers Briskets & Bourbon, is extracting the real tastes of the ingredients for six menu items: Miniball Pumpkin Soup; Creamy Corn & Bacon Chowder; Mexican Grilled Corn ‘Elote’; Roasted Miniball Pumpkin & Dips; Grilled Corn Salad; and Grilled Chicken Fiesta Salad.

All six items from Chia Tai Farm are inspired by the American smokehouse style, with Chef Colin using a delicate cooking technique called Low & Slow, which involves a low heat and a slow cooking time.

When creating the Miniball Pumpkin Soup, first, the chef stuffs onions into the Miniballs, grills them over wood charcoal, then stews them. For Creamy Corn & Bacon Chowder, which is very nutritious and has the texture of a smooth and soft taste, Chef Colin chooses various parts of the corn to cook for each step.

For the two salad dishes, to leverage the freshness and taste of Chia Tai’s corn, chef pairs the vegetables and corn with a citrus vinaigrette dressing, which gives a light and refreshing taste. Chia Tai Farm also serves southwestern American style Grilled Chicken Fiesta Salad, which has a sense of Mexican food and makes a perfect combination with tomato salsa.

All the six menu items from Chia Tai Farm are available for order from Tuesday-Sunday, with the delivery service available for 31 districts in Bangkok. For more information, please visit or contact LINE: @chiataifarm or tel. 089-139-6170.

Chia Tai Company Limited was established in 1921. It is now one of Asia’s leading agricultural companies with its business covering the entire chain of the agricultural industry, starting from quality seeds, fertilisers and plant protection, to cultivation technology and delivery of safe and quality products.