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Show off your inner chef with Bertolli’s new At Home recipe book

Bertolli is helping Thais staying at home to show off their inner food bloggers by bringing together several star chefs and cooks for the release of a free digital recipe book.

Bertolli’s At Home recipe book, now online on the Bertolli Thailand Facebook Page or as a digital PDF, seeks to inspire nutritious eating through the curation of delicious menu choices from renowned Thai chefs and cooks including Chef Nan Hongwiwat, founder of and CIY TV Show; AumFoodDiary, a certified pastry chef from Le Cordon Bleu known for her shining passion in home cooking and easy-to-follow recipes; and other popular chefs including Tam Kin Aeng.

The recipe book from the world’s number one olive oil brand includes a variety of options to impress family and friends, including the Instagram-worthy lotus leaf fried rice and unique takes on classics such as grilled pork salad and fried rice noodle.

Parents can even find a homemade pizza recipe that can be used as a home-schooling activity to keep the kids occupied. Getting them involved with the cooking process is not only a fun family activity, but also a good opportunity for children to learn new skills!

Those with a sweet tooth are also covered, with the Bertolli At Home book also including a dessert recipe for olive oil brownies.

The first Bertolli At Home recipe book was created to support Thailand and its communities, who continue to look for ways to improve their immune systems and general wellbeing.

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