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Dutch Culinary Festival in Bangkok

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Arising from one of the great trading nations, Dutch cuisine is varied and original. There’s no better opportunity to explore the pleasures of the table in Bangkok than at “Culinary Dutch.” This festival featuring Dutch food and drinks will take place at Seasonal Tastes restaurant, The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok, from September Wednesday 13 to Sunday 17, 2017.

Chef Albert KooyCreated using the five principles of Master Chef Albert Kooy, Founding Father of “The New Dutch Cuisine”, breakfast, lunch, dinner buffet selections, and a signature 6-course tasting menu with wines, will showcase the cuisine’s identity. Chef Albert’s five principles, namely culture, health, nature, quality, and profit, place Netherlands’ culinary culture on the map both nationally and internationally. Pivotal to his focus is the sustainability of food consumption, with fresh vegetables playing a leading role supported by meat and fish.

Throughout the five days, Culinary Dutch will be featured at Seasonal Tastes on its breakfast, lunch, dinner and Family Filled Sunday Lunch buffets. Some signature menus include:

  • Jachtschotel/hachee”: Traditional recipe for the Dutch version of lasagna, with layers of beef hash with onion and bay leaf, Dutch red cabbage and mashed potatoes
  • Hutspot”:One of the staples of Dutch cuisine; a dish of boiled and mashed potatoes, carrots and onions with pulled beef
  • Erwtensoep”:Pea soup with celery, leeks, and pork belly
  • Andijvie stamp”: Special Dutch endive, potato and crispy bacon with meatballs in gravy
  • Poffertjes”:A traditional Dutch batter treat which looks like pancakes, but much fluffier; served with butter and powdered sugar
  • Hagelslag”: White bread with butter and grated pure coffee-chocolate
  • Boterham met pindakaas”: French toast with peanut butter ice cream and chili marmalade
  • Griesmeel pudding”: Rice pudding served with berry sauce

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