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7 Easy tips for Beach-bound Brides

Selecting the right dress is probably the single, hardest decision about the big day. Never fear, Lookeast have searched far and wide to solicit the best advice for a stress-free beachfront affair.

By Zipporah Gene.

When it comes to the nuptial backdrops, beach weddings really do trump them all.  Who can honestly claim to resist the call of sun, sea, sand, and surf? With its ubiquitous charm, Thailand pulls in year after year thousands of couples to its beaches alone. However what makes for the most romantic of settings might not necessarily make for the most photogenic, or comfortable of brides. The heat and humidity of a typical beach wedding, though idealized, can be merciless to those with inappropriate attire. Although, there is no one-size-fits-all rule for choosing a wedding dress, here are some tips that will aid those on their way while on the hunt for that perfect outfit.

Skip the formal  ball gown

Jacqueline_bovierUnless you’re inside, in an air-conditioned environment, or happy to have entire outfit changes during your big day, the traditional wedding gown–with its reams of fabric and long chapel train–could easily spell disaster. Aptly suited to the ballroom environment, these dresses can be constricting and genuinely aren’t appropriate for walking on sand or taking pictures on the beach; most would warn against such a choice. That being said if you have your hear set on a large dress, then be sure to get one that can bustle easily.

Dress light as a feather

Instead of the traditional fabrics, opt for modern lighter ones like chiffon, silk, organza, and viole. These are perfect because they allow both for breathability and movement. These fabrics also have the added bonus of complementing their surroundings in photographs. Now that can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Go casual

ASOS BRIDAL Premium Lace Midi Dress With Sheer Insert, $153. This super laid-back number really embodies the modern look for wedding dresses.

ASOS BRIDAL Premium Lace Midi Dress With Sheer Insert, $153. This super laid-back number really embodies the modern look for wedding dresses

Where a beach is concerned, an overall casual look always works a charm. So, why not the wedding dress? You don’t necessarily have to drape yourself head to toe in something floaty or sheer if that isn’t your style, but casual dresses are undeniably the best complement to a beach backdrop. 

Check the color

Dresses in the bridal salon can look different on the beach. It may not sound like much, but it definitely makes the difference when working toward a color scheme and has been known to cause issues with the final photographs. To avoid this, wherever possible, view your dresses in natural light.

Shop around

More and more people are opting for classy non-traditional dresses, this has led to a rise of well-known clothing brands stocking their own wedding dresses. They’re generally cheaper and more appealing to those on a budget than the traditional dressmakers. Why not shop around online for a dress that complements your unique sense of style?

Consider portability

So you’ve found the dress of your dreams, now what? Most forget the fact that with destination weddings – come the destination. Some fabrics can’t really handle the transportation and crumple easily. Although this isn’t the end of the world, like all surprises, can cause unnecessary stress in the run up to the big day. Be sure to discuss with your sales assistant beforehand, to better understand the requirements of the fabric in relation to extreme heat and sand. For examples, lace dresses are a wonderful choice, because they don’t crumple and remain relatively intact, usually tend to collect sand and stain quite easily if wet.


Take it easy

Whatever you choose–be it a traditional ball gown, or a modern boho dress–be sure to remember to enjoy your special day. Choosing that perfect dress is a whirlwind adventure that we should all enjoy.