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January 2014

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As easy as looking, smelling, toasting, and drinking. Or so, a popular, expression suggests. By Mariana Martinez In Spain there is a very popular expression often sung loudly while wine glasses swirl and are raised at the centers of tables in a

Come enjoy candy-pink cocktails and white chocolate margarita with a 360-degree view at Anantara newest bar. By Alisa Hubert The night below is a hectic blur of rushing traffic and bustling activity. But 40 floors above it all at Zoom Sky Bar

Known today as wake boarding, this surface water sport is practiced all over the world, and it's becoming increasingly popular in Thailand. by Jimmy Jacquet Wakeboarding first appeared in the mid 1980s in New Zealand—and was made popular in the U.S.—with the

The 11th edition of the Hua Hin Automobile Concours is a weekend of luxury, philanthropy, and of course, cars. By Marianna Dietrich Bathed in the soft pink light of the sunset and aided by the warm ocean breeze and melodious strum of

Markets have existed since 6,000 BC. Back in those days, people would exchange food for weapons. Tea for spices. Salt, silk, perfumes, animal skin, crafts, wheat, and many more items were traded for anything you could possibly imagine. Even when

Whether you are into street food, you prefer to eat with three pieces of silverware on each side of the plate, or you think chocolate counts as salad because it comes from a tree, in the words of Virginia Woolf:

The Escap-Sasakawa Award will recognise efforts of companies to create jobs for millions of people with disabilities. By Imtiaz Muqbil The Bangkok-based United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) has launched a new award designed to recognize