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Sansiri’s take on the resort-style home

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Five exciting projects, from beachside luxury resort condominiums in Phuket to residences surrounded by verdant flora at Khao Yai and Chiang Mai, are presented by Thailand’s property developer.

With Thailand’s continued development, healthy economy, and soaring popularity amongst foreign investors, the country’s property industry has been enjoying strong and steady growth. Over the past five years, housing demand throughout Bangkok, upcountry, and in beach areas has been climbing steadily. Resort-style residences have proven to be a particularly alluring option for homebuyers looking to invest in Thai property for either personal use or financial return. Sansiri, Thailand’s leading property developer, has taken the helm in exploring the lavish and environmentally immersive possibilities of this unique brand of home.

sansiri2The resort-style home provides the shelter and security of a regular residence, but with all of the perks, amenities, and first-class services you would normally associate with a luxurious holiday resort. Baan Plai Haad Wongamat and Baan Mai Khao Phuket are two of Sansiri’s latest beachside luxury resort condominiums. They offer a selection of room sizes; extensive facilities, including beachfront pools, fully equipped exercise rooms, and perfectly manicured gardens; a wide range of quality services; and 24-hour security. Furthermore, both projects boast stunning views and provide private direct access to the beach. With land prices throughout Thailand on the rise, condominiums are an inherently affordable solution for homebuyers.

Sansiri’s chief executive officer, Apichart Chutrakul, explains the company’s approach to design: “When we design a project, we pay close attention to every single element and the finest details. We also use the context of the local community as inspiration for the design.” Baan Mai Khao was developed according to the concept of “barefoot luxury.” It is a high-class getaway immersed in a serene natural environment, with every aspect of the project’s design, from its architecture to its finishes, implemented to evoke wind, sunshine, and sand. The project has a semi-outdoor lobby with a gorgeous sea view, and the landscaped gardens are lush with local vegetation. Both interior and exterior architectural elements draw inspiration from Phuket’s signature Sino-Portuguese heritage.

sansiri3This meticulous attention to detail is common to all of Sansiri’s endeavours. From its cost-effective one-million baht condominium units to its 100-million baht luxury estates, Sansiri—awarded “Best Developer” at the 2013 Thai Property Awards—prides itself on using only the highest quality production materials, and offering superior services that realistically take into account the broad needs of its customers.

Sansiri’s other Phuket resort-style condominium, The Deck, takes comfort to a whole new level, literally. Situated on the white sands of Patong Beach, The Deck’s rooftop relaxation area, complete with a 50-meter lap pool, a Jacuzzi, and plenty of room to stretch one’s legs and bask in the sun’s rays, provides a panoramic view of Phuket’s resplendent coast. Lush green trees, gentle breezes, and a seemingly endless ocean horizon make for an unrivalled elevated living experience.

sansiri4In the exquisite region of Khao Yai, Sansiri has traded vertical height in favor of green open space. The Valley consists of three residential buildings that surround what is essentially a private oasis, comprising a river-like swimming pool and expansive garden. The entire area rests under the natural shade of large flowering trees. As with all of Sansiri’s homes, The Valley has a host of state-of-the-art facilities, and residents are entitled to a wide array of specialized services.

Finally, looking north to Chiang Mai, Sansiri has recently established Setthasiri San Sai. Embedded in the mountainous region of Doi Suthep, the one-of-a-kind luxury project guarantees the freshest air, cool morning mists, and some of the most stunning scenery to be found in Thailand. Setthasiri San Sai adheres to a grand, regal-like design that draws inspiration from traditional Lanna architecture. From the giant fully equipped clubhouse to the finest details of the project’s structure, all elements are distinctly Lanna. The long walkway that runs parallel to the swimming pool is perfect for relaxing strolls, and there are plenty of intuitively calculated vantage points throughout the project that offer exquisite views of Chiang Mai’s beautifully preserved natural environment.

With land prices increasing uniformly throughout Thailand and more savvy homebuyers looking for that little extra incentive when purchasing property, it is no wonder that the luxury-style home has become such a sought-after investment. Unlike with mature markets, such as those of the U.K., U.S., and Australia, investing in a steadily emerging market like Thailand has the potential to maximize capital appreciation in the long term. Increasingly popular holiday destinations like Chiang Mai, Khao Yai, Pattaya, and Phuket each have a distinct charm that makes them uniquely attractive as homes away from home. One of Sansiri’s key strengths is effectively incorporating these innate cultural and environmental characteristics into the designs of its projects. With the company continuing to expand operations in country and beach areas, property buyers can expect to see even greater innovation in, and diversification of, the resort-style home market.

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