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‘I Love Chiang Mai’

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Toby Allen
CEO, Destiny Enterprise
CEO, TAP Technology

By Earth Saiswang

American Toby Allen thinks of himself as a hardworking person; a leader driven by the desire to constantly improve things for which he is responsible. “I strive to better the lives of the people who work with me by rewarding those who give their best efforts, give customers more than they expect, and honor those they meet along life’s journey,” says the CEO of Destiny Enterprise, which operates the award-winning Oasis Spas throughout Thailand.

Although Toby has been to 130 countries already, and has vacationed in many exotic places around the world, he says he loves Chiang Mai the most. “It is my favorite place to live; my idea of a perfect holiday destination,” he told Lookeast.

Toby thinks Bangkok is amazing, Pattaya is unique, and Phuket wonderful with its beautiful beaches, but still thinks Chiang Mai is the most special place in Thailand because of its culture. “The pace of life is easy-going, the people are very kind, and the city is calm and beautiful,” he elaborates. “It is the most serene place I know. I find it very peaceful here.”

Toby first learned about Chiang Mai from a friend who worked at an orphanage here, and first visited it 15 years ago. “I flew from Denver, Colorado to Chiang Mai for a vacation,” he recalls. “I chose to come here because I like mountains.” Majestic mountains are far more appealing to him than sandy beaches.

He found Chiang Mai to be the perfect size city, “big enough to have everything you want yet small enough to be able to find it.” He also liked the ease of getting there. “With hourly fights you can come and go whenever you like. The value of what you receive for your money is great in Chiang Mai,” he says. “Actually, I think it’s the best in Asia.”

Asked if there is downside to Chiang Mai, he had to think for a long time. “Nothing comes to mind immediately,” he replies. “However, Chiang Mai has started to have rush hours and heavy traffic, which it didn’t have when I moved here. But, although the traffic can be frustrating at times, it is a good sign because it means the city is growing and prospering.”

In fact his ties with Chiang Mai becomes stronger every day. He now lives in Chiang Mai, and he says, “probably for life.”

Tips to Share with Fellow Travelers
Although Chiang Mai has many wonderful and unique features that tourist enjoy, we recommend getting a treatment at Oasis Spa. This is a requirement to make the most of your visit.

Don’t do:
Don’t just do the typical tourist things, get off the beaten track and experience the real culture of Chiang Mai.

Doi Suthep at sunsets.

Sleep at:
I suggest staying at a boutique hotel and, of course, we believe the Oasis Baan Saen Doi Spa Resort is the best possible hotel for business and vacation travelers.

Eat at:
I wholeheartedly recommend the Green Table Restaurant, famous for Mediterranean Cuisine. It’s located on the second floor of Kantary Terrence at Nimmanhaeminda Soi 12

Drink at:
Wine Bar on Nimmanhaeminda for the best wine, best deals, and best times.

Bring your spirit of adventure and desire to have a good time, and don’t forget the mosquito repellant.