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Thai Tourists Expected to More than Double Travel Budgets for Upcoming Trips

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Visa Global Travel Intentions Study: Thai Tourists Expected to More than Double Travel Budgets for Upcoming Trips

Top five overseas destinations for Thais over the next year: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Bangkok, THAILAND – July 29, 2013 – The latest Visa Global Travel Intentions Study revealed that Thai travelers are likely to increase their budgets over 52 percent on their next trip. The study also indicated Thai’s travel budgets will jump to USD 2,501 from the USD1,304 spent on their last trip.

Visa’s regular barometer of travel trends also uncovered Thais’ top travel destinations will remain in APAC for the next year. Japan emerged as the top destination – with Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China rounding out the top five destinations.

Somboon Krobteeranon, Visa Country Manager, Myanmar and Thailand said: “It’s clear that Thais love to travel – whether domestically or abroad. This year’s Visa Global Travel Intentions study discovered that Thai travel behaviors are beginning to change as more go online to book their trips, and use Visa payment cards on-the-go. Visa credit or debit cards offer greater security for travelers, and peace of mind knowing that Visa is accepted worldwide and travelers don’t have to carry large amounts of cash.”

A Profile of the Thai Tourist
Travel is very much a group affair: 71 percent travel with their family or spouses; 38 percent (vs. 19 percent global average) travel with their friends or colleagues and their travel group sizes can go up to six or more people (23 percent vs. 10 percent global average).

  • Since most travel to nearby countries, short haul flights (53 percent) are more common. With the strong presence of budget airlines in the country, most prefer either economy or budget flights.
  • As their trips are usually short getaways, most extend their weekends and public holidays to escape from the city.
  • While most would go for cheaper options of travel, consumers are willing to spend on more comfortable lodging – choosing 1-3 stars or 4 stars and above accommodation.

International Visitors to Thailand Plan to Spend More in the Kingdom
The good news is that visitors to Thailand plan to travel more as well as spend more. Among travelers across the four global regions (APAC; the Americas; Middle East; and Africa; Europe), 77 percent of respondents from APAC indicated a strong intention to travel more in the future – with residents from nine of the region’s markets stating a higher intention to travel more than the global average.

  • Much of this increased travel is expected to take place within the region, where 80 percent of Asian travelers have chosen to take trips in the last two years.
  • These travelers are also spending more. For those who have traveled within the region, they spend an average of US $273 per day, higher than both the global average (US $239) and any other region.

Krobteeranon added, “This year marks our 15th year of partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and we are committed to ensuring the Kingdom maintains its position as a top travel destination. At Visa, a key focus is to introduce more tourist payment cards that enhance the payment experience for travelers across all major tourist hubs. That’s why programs like the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale are important in driving economic growth for the country.”