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Living Like a Ferragamo

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Be a warmly welcomed resident and live like a Ferragamo in the classy, spacious 40-60sqm Lungarno Suites in the capital of Tuscany.

IMG_4592Lungarno Suites at the heart of Florence surely doesn´t look like the usual family residence. Stylish details in the interiors, such as old fashion images, wooden vintage desks and quality textiles may give a hint about the reason. Look for a tag in their sheets, and you´ll know: It´s all Ferragamo.

The explanation is that Lungarno Suites is a part of Lungarno Collection, which consists of five luxury properties in Florence and more in Rome and around Tuscany, as well as Swan Sailing Yachts in the Mediterranean Sea. These properties, all owned by the Ferragamo family, preserves and caresses the style and lifework of Salvatore Ferragamo, the famous Italian shoe designer.

Salvatore opened his first shop in 1938 and hosted renowned customers including Hollywood stars, and international aristocrats and diplomats. His son Leonardo, who is now in charge, passes on the Ferragamo heritage with a keen eye for aesthetics and service excellence.

IMG_4609 copyBut Lungarno Suites differs from a “regular” hotel in more ways than just by their particularly scrutinized color maps and especially valuable sheets. Indeed, this is a “suite,” not a hotel. It implies that you are more than just a hotel guest, but instead, a warmly welcomed resident. It suggests that, for a while, you can actually living like a Ferragamo in this classy, spacious 40-60sqm residence in the capital of Tuscany.

On a practical level, this means you can walk straight into your temporary home without a hassle at the reception, as the lobby is located in the nearby Lungarno Hotel. Your room has all the latest technology for work and entertainment, such as a high-speed Wi-Fi, a LCD-satellite TV and a pay TV, a DVD player with movie selection, as well as an Ipod docking station.

IMG_4622For food, you can order the ingredients for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner from a grocery list provided, and cook them in a fully equipped kitchenette in your room. You can try, if your personal take on Italian classic tastes are even better than here in its homeland – where there seems to be a special magic in the air or in the soil, if not in the spectacular views of river Arno on your balcony that completes the moment. Finally, you can cap your lunch or dinner by making your own espresso as “ristretto” or “lungo” you like with the in-room espresso machine.

Those who would rather leave cooking to the professionals, can head to the Fusion Bar and Restaurant next door at the group´s other property, Gallery Art Hotel. They specialize in contemporary Italian dining, and the Library next door serves breakfast. On the other side of the cobblestone street is the group´s third hotel, Continentale, which has a fine dining restaurant Borgo San Jacopo, whose set lunch Quattro of four contemporary Italian dishes has especially been recommended.

After that, the evening can be completed by drinks at Continentale´s Sky Lounge, with one of the most spectacular panorama over Florence´s treasures: the Arno river, the Cathedral dome, Palazzo Vecchio, San Miniato al Monte, Forte Belvedere, Palazzo Pitti, and bell-towers across the Arno and the surrounding hillsides. What is best, you can enjoy your dinners, lunches, and breakfasts at any of the Lungarno Collection´s properties, or order it into your room. In this way, the establishments in Lungarno Collection work together to create an individualized and a creative holiday for your family.

Speaking of creativity, it is no coincidence that Ferragamo started his career here in Florence, or Firenze as Italians call it. It was the center of medieval European trade and the birthplace of Renaissance – which you can personally detect from the various architectural masterpieces dotting the city. For example, just steps from Lungarno Suites is the last remaining medieval bridge, the Ponte Vecchio.

Other magnificent sights, such as renaissance buildings, historic churches, and beautiful statues are within walking distance, or can be reached by a bike tour. What´s best, you can do it at your own pace and mostly for free. An educated eye notices Romanesque, Renaissance, and neoclassical styles, and others may want to bring a travel guide for a crash-course on art history. Moreover, as a resident you will receive free entry to the Ferragamo Museum, where you can study the most beloved shoe designs of the artist.

Numerous world-leading galleries are also situated here, containing for example, Michelangelo´s “David” and Botticelli´s “Birth of Venus.” Some may prefer other types of art, and pop into Gucci´s or Ferragamo´s fashion stores. Florence is home to these major fashion brands, too. For souvenirs, one can pop into Lungarno Details, a hotel shop that sells the designer´s signature home furnishings and accessories, so you can bring a piece of your Lungarno Suite back home.

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