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Bavarian Consistency

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Brotzeit, a new restaurant franchise from Singapore, serves hearty, wholesome comfort food.

By Laurence Civil.

Brozeit is a franchised restaurant brand form Singapore, offering authentic Bavarian cuisine with world-famous German beers. Their new venture, the first of its kind in Thailand, has recently opened at the corner of Thonglor Soi 10 and has the capacity to seat up to 300 hungry friends of German food in Bangkok. This restaurant is their seventh outlet in Asia outside Singapore.

TTA_0457“The restaurants are built with contemporary modern architecture with typical German elements,” says Wanlop (Ken) Rerksantia, managing director of KHM Co. Ltd. “They have a comfortable urban chic ambiance enhanced by our own style of music. — The recipes are traditional, still using original ingredients. It’s the cooking techniques we use that make the difference.”

“Bronzeit is more than just a brand,” he says. “It takes more than just good food and service but a lot of commitment, personality, devotion and passion, positive thinking and energy. When a customer leaves I want them to take the memory of an unique and wonderful experience.”

Stephan Bouwman, executive chef, is from Hamburg and trained for one month at Brotzeit´s head office in Singapore to learn their operating procedures. Before this, he already had nine years of experience with other German restaurants in Thailand.

TTA_0468“Pork and potatoes are the key ingredients in German cuisine,” he reminds us. He is pleased with the company´s suppliers in Thailand. “A local farmer raises the pigs we need. Another organic farmer produces better potatoes than I can find in Germany. Likewise we have a German butcher who makes sausages exclusively for us.” These relationships with the suppliers demand special attention: “Consistency is essential,” he says.

When asked about the menu, Bowman starts explaining attentively. “Pork knuckle is our signature dish,” Bouwman says. “The sweetest taste is in the white succulent meat closest to the bone, and in Brotzeit-manner, the skin has to be crispy and delicate. Thus rigorous measurements take place to achieve this texture. The knuckle is roasted in 260 degrees celsius in latest technology ovens, imported from Germany. “All spices, sauerkraut, and gherkins are imported from Germany for an authentic taste; everything we use in the kitchen is traceable from farm to table.” He also trumps up their hygiene standards, saying they are up to the highest level in Asia.

After this affirmative talk, our group sat at a wooden golden table with brown leather benches, the elegant Bronzeit-take on Bavarian beer cellar. Now our Viking-like setting can only be completed by a pork knuckle. Happily the epic stature of meat does not let us down. It is roasted just right on the outside and moist inside, served with coarsely mashed potatoes. The next dish is Rindergulasch, a beef stewed in red wine with Spätzle, soft egg noodles. Hearty comfort food, and just what we expected from our Viking-feast.

Oh, except the sausages. They surely were on the plate and no way could I forget them. These lovely taste-explosives were so full of real red meat that the pink fakes you see in supermarkets should blush! With a hint of vinegar and some sour cabbage on the side – this is a wholesome meal that would make even the real Vikings to lick their beards. (with Emmi Laine )

Contact Details:
Brotzeit German Beer Bar & Restaurant
No. 308, Thonglor 10, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok
(BTS: Thonglor)
Tel: 02-392-3969