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Secrets of Holistic Beauty – Dr Orawan Holistic Anti Aging Institute

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How Dr. Orawan Anti-Aging Institute helps people feel healthy and look beautiful from the inside out

By Percy Roxas

Banner front page - Copy-edittedIn four months, Dr Orawan Holistic Anti Aging Institute – 1988(DOHAI) – currently located at the Major Rachayothin complex — is moving back to the heart of the city on Sukhumvit Road, in a building all their own no less. This is good news for the growing legion of patients and clients from around the world who have been patronizing the widely popularholistic health and beauty institute since it opened in 1988.

The multi award-winning center – originally set up by the internationally recognized Dr. Orawan Kitchawengkul as Dr. Orawan HolisticAnti Aging Institute-1988 has come a long way since the days when they mostly concentrate on beauty and laser care (during their first 10 years). Not only has the company grown — now they have four branches around Thailand, two in Bangkok and two in Phuket — but the services offered have also expanded, currently running the gamut from topnotch cosmetic dermatology and holistic care to anti-aging medicine and anti-cancer treatment. Of course they still do premium skin care and natural supplement.

“Our holistic beauty treatments combine Western and Eastern therapies meant not only help people feel and look beautiful on the outsidebut also make them feel better from within,” says Dr. Orawan. For Dr. Orawan, “holistic” is taking care of the whole human: mental, physical, spiritual,and social.

“We combine the high-tech and themodern with traditional methods to achieve a natural way of healing from the outside and within because I believe that if you treatpatients just from the outsidehealing cannot be sustainable. To make the beauty sustainable it has to be done the holistic way, we have to consider mind and spirit too,” she says.

Indeed today, DOHAI attracts patients not only wanting a perfect young looking face or the best seemingly sculpted body and hair growthbut also many suffering from illnesses, ranging from simple hypertension and joint pains to chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. As its many awards prove, DOHAI has been helping Thailand establish itself as one of the world’s premiere health and beauty destinations.

Its patients are as varied as its services. For example, many Vietnamese clients come for Laser Botox and Thread facelifting, for allergy problems and for body shapingacupuncture. Most clients from Bahrain clientscome for cure of cancer of the liver or chronic hepatitis. Not a few Australians come for botox and face-lifting procedures. Many Russians come for laser beauty treatments. And some even for revitalization with PRP and stem cell therapy. Many Phutans come for IgG intolerance test and natural supplement. Many Europeans come for Anti Aging with bio-identical natural hormonal replacement therapy and many Chineses come for chronic joint pains.

In fact, the soon-to-open new center in Sukhumvit will also have facilities for patients who require sustained treatments and longer stays. That’s because while DOHAI continues to attract a lot of clients for beauty solutions alone, it has began to emphasize the health aspects of its services more.

_MG_1466-edittedDr. Orawan was quick to point out that everything they do istangible and scientifically approved. “We’ve been here for more than 26 years and we’re a leader in the field,” says Dr. Orawan. “We have all the cutting-edge equipmentfrom the West to check up your symptoms and illnesses, but we also use acupuncture, quantum energy, homeopathy, among other traditional science that have been passed from generation to generation in the East. We also have beauty and health supplements that are all FDA approved. “

Perhaps reflecting her new-found passion for homeopathy – she has had five years training in homeopathy already and plans to continue training — Dr. Orawan says the job of a real doctor is to help cure his or her patients not only from one disease or one organ but to treat “the whole person.”

“Of course, it all depends on whether the clients want us to be involved in their problem or not,” she adds. “If they want only beauty, we take care of that because it’s their right. If they want the entire holistic approach, then we’d be happy to help them.”

She shared the story of a woman who brought her daughter to see her, for acne problem. “When she learned that I do holistic, the woman confided on me about what she’s going through with her daughter, who seems to be problematic,” she says. “After asking for more details, I talked to the daughter and found out that she resented her Mom having a new boyfriend.”Eventually, she prescribed homeopathy for the daughter and six months later, she came back to thank Dr. Orawan for helping her daughter change. And that’s just one story; she has more.

“To heal people — that’s my life,” says Dr. Orawan. “People rely on us to help themnot only with their beauty problems but also in healing their entire being because if the inside is sick, it shows in the outside too. If insideyou are sad, depressed, or sick, how can you have a completely radiant skin? “Our duty is not only healing but polishing you to be a unique precious shining diamond as well.

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