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French Cheese Master Claude Lauxerrois @ Millennium Hilton Bangkok

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BANGKOK, Thailand – May 15, 2013 – Millennium Hilton Bangkok’s General Manager Mr. Dirk De Cuyper recently hosted the launch of a one-week visit by “French Cheese Master Claude Lauxerrois” (second left) at the hotel’s Flow – All Day Dining – restaurant recently. HSH Prince Chatrichalerrn Yugala (middle), Dr. Suvit Yodmani (second right) and Khunying Songsuda (far right) were the guests of honour.

Claude Lauxerrois will be here from 15-19 May, where he will delight cheese addicts at Flow restaurant with his unique dinners and tasting sessions – accompanied by wines Lauxerrois insists on being produced locally. “It’s my rule,” the cheese maker says. “Everywhere I go, my cheeses must only be sampled with local wines. Thailand has some amazing wines of its own now, making this a most exciting prospect.”

The dinners, with a focus on delicious cheese offerings, will be held from 15-18 May, along with Lauxerrois’s unique tasting sessions, while a special Sunday Brunch on the River will be held on 19 May.

The tasting sessions will begin with such mild goat cheeses as Selles sur Cher, moving on to firmer, more piquant varieties like Comte (a cow’s milk cheese similar to Gruyère) and finishing up with the robust Roquefort.